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Watch us at 8 weeks old!

The Rock n Roll litter is at it again!

Expanding our horizons!

This video shows the puppies in their 'big boy' quarters.  Shown at 4 weeks old, they are now 7 weeks, and have learned to keep their inside area clean, using the indoor/outdoor access to potty outside!  On other pages, you will see the puppies in their play yard activities!

New video--puppies at 6 weeks!

Life is awesome at six weeks!  Enjoy the puppies as they discover a larger world, including their first introduction to a swimming pool.  It’s all about playing, eating, and learning good potty habits—and they are proving to be very quick!  They might have been called ‘the Adventurers!’

Video at 5 weeks

Disclaimer! The puppies are most active right after they eat, where they are also at their messiest! Ignore the extra food on their coat, and enjoy the antics. First outing, using indoor/outdoor flap, scaling obstacles, using ramp, marveling at the grass, and adding a little rough and tumble.  Chocolate with white Portuguese Water Dog puppies!

About Us

Champion bloodlines

While we only place puppies with family homes, isn't it nice to know that your puppy will be a true representative of the breed standards?

Introducing the 'Rock n Roll' litter

Born June 29, 2017, this litter consists of 8 boys and 2 girls, and we (understandably) reference 'the Boys are Back in Town' as the theme song!

10 Brown & White Puppies!

This beautiful set is comprised of wavy and curly coats, some predominantly brown, while others have some real splash (pun intended!).  Check out pictures of the puppies as they are growing!

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As the puppies grow, we will be making videos available--what better way to see the personality of the puppy you choose!


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